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the absolute definition of cool
"wow! I wish I was Curburo!"
by Alice March 27, 2005
"really good", "really amazingly blinging", etc
ASHLEH:"boi, dat shit is sic ting yo!"
by Alice October 23, 2004
A mysterious and paranormal phonomenon, whereby hi-tech machines encounter numerous functional problems in the home, but appear to be without fault when examined by an expert.
That damn Polterglitch is screwing with the TV again!
by Alice October 19, 2003
originating from The Darkside. A joint that can only be rolled by a champion Joint roller. Used in the beating of cake eaters, cunts and muppets.
I used the Witjoit on the fucker.
by Alice January 03, 2005
full of "ice", "bling" or anything expensive. usually referring to vehicles.
That escalade with the 22s is so tricked out
by alice August 25, 2004
A provocative dance done by playas and pimps alike, which usually entails a quick rotation of the torso and lower regions while arms are brought to chest height moving in opposite direction. A leg may also be brought up to add extra heat to the dance.

warning:Often this dance will entise large quantites of the opposite sex to throw themseves at you.
Wow look at Mayu bump and grind with Gus she really cant resist it when he does the cus.
by Alice September 10, 2003
emma said it on friends!!!!!

put it in a sentence u say!
uh......emma just said galeba...........yer...........yer.....neway............yup yup yup......how much longer does this hav ta b............
by alice July 06, 2004
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