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piglet + twig = a person who eats constantly and yet, they stay thin
she eats burgers every week and yet she's 20 Lbs lighter then me! ..bitch
by Viet89 May 09, 2004
72 25
student of Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar School (TWGGS), Kent, UK
"where's she from?" "she's a twiglet"
by clala August 04, 2007
15 12
Young girls singing and dancing on youtube. Usually 13-16. First used by Reverend Cornelius Blow of the Church of Blow.
"...young girls singing and dancing in their underwear and engaging in all manner of sin the likes of which have never been seen" "some buxom young twiglet doing a webcom strip-tease" - Rev. Cornelius Blow
12 14
another name for the festive period!
merry twiglet everyone!
i hope you all have a great twiglet!
by bexmooner December 12, 2006
6 18
twiglet just kicks ass!
oh my god, twiglet kicks ass!
by Anonymous July 12, 2003
7 36
nobbly sticks of porn
Twiglets - they're nor Nooooooooormal!
by Alice October 19, 2003
8 39