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What results when bed gravity reaches the point at which nothing can escape it.
After that party, I doubt we will see Bob this morning. He probably fell into a bed hole.
by aalh May 15, 2011
to work at
to endeavor
usually manual exertion often involving grounds-keeping/landscaping and lots of sweat.
You spent all day gertching in the garden, it looks great.
by aalh April 10, 2011
A hot older woman in Nike golf clothes.
Did you see that milf on the golf course?
She was a regular Cougar Woods.
by aalh November 02, 2011
Someone that rampantly repost the statuses of others instead of creating their own.
We started calling Jimmy "Echo" cuz he's such a status pirate.
by aalh July 28, 2011
Exclamation: extreme displeasure

Noun: undesirable items or accumulation

Adj: to be in an undesirable, often counterproductive state
This attic hasn't been touched in years. Look at the nyrr on everything!
by aalh May 15, 2011
When car keys are misplaced, their location is unknown as well as their non-location. Therefore, they exist as a wave function in all locations which collapses upon observation of the keys following The Heisenberg-Schrodinger Lost Key Postulate. Which also hypothesized that you cannot simultaneously know the locations something isn't and not know where it is.
That party was wild, lost my keys but I found them in the FREEZER this morning! You really dont know where your keys aren't till you find them, totally like Schrodinger's Keys!!!
by aalh November 12, 2014
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