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the best snack around
Jack Link's is some pretty good beef jerky
by Brandon G. July 31, 2005
1. a fuckin delicious snack.
Yes Jack Link's Teriyaki beef jerky makes me cream in my pants.
#yummy #good #food #delicious #meat
by J 0 K A November 14, 2005
Jerky is the World's healthiest and best tasting snack food. Typically 97% fat free and no carbs, perfect for any and all diets. Widely used by weightlifters and fitness enthusiasts. Also is the most sold snack item to out Troops.
I found the biggest selection of beef jerky anywhere online at
#beef jerky #jerky #spicy beef jerky #teriyaki beef jerky #meat snacks
by The Jerky Guy October 07, 2008
The act of jerking off to thoughts of disgusting cows like Brittney Spears (and I'm talking today's Brittney Spears, not the Brittney Spears of ten years ago.
I had some beef jerky today. I was watching About Schmitt and I saw Kathy Bates totally nude. Couldn't help but jerk off to that cow.
#jerk #beef #off #fat #lady
by rogerthewhale September 11, 2011
1: The act of Masturbating.

2: Getting a Handjob.
This girl gave me the best Beef Jerky the other night.
#masturbating #wacking off #wanking #beating your meat #spanking the monkey
by xTheoneguyx July 28, 2010
An ultimately great dried meat snack for awesomely-delicious taste!
Guy 1: Hey you want some Beef Jerky

#beef jerky #awesomeness #great taste #jerky #delicious
by Mrtacoman November 24, 2011
A delicious dried, smokey beef snack. Quite possibly the manliest food known to man. Don't be fooled by those pussy beef stick imposters. You can see the "grain" of the beef in real jerky.
Frank: "Hey John, you want some of this beef jerky?"

John: "No thanks."

Frank: "Pussy."
#jerky #slim jim #beef jerky #beef snack #beaf jerky
by Guestly December 30, 2011
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