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1. adj. haveing the resemblence of a small girl
2. adj. having the appearence of a stupid person
"Wow, you look beeffe today."
by Webster August 21, 2003
A piece of feces.
Michael felt the urge to defecate and promptly produced a cave buffalo.
by Webster April 20, 2004
1 - N. A superior user. One greater than all others.
2 - A. Something of interest to everyone. See "Cool"
1: Hey, hes Mold Rat.
2: Thats totally Mold Rat!
by Webster September 14, 2003
A very small penis. Under 3 inches. See wretchy.
I pull down my big flop. (small dick)
by Webster August 13, 2003
A l33t player of the game dance dance revolution and a known pool hustler.
Fei huslted Daniel Quigley in pool.
by Webster June 06, 2003
Another word for bed.
I'm gonna hit the sachmoe.
by Webster February 13, 2005
what an eater eats
The eater can not eat the eatee.
by Webster April 05, 2003

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