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adj. The orientation of an asian woman's vagina.
Kim shaved two dots into her bush and made a smiley face with her sideways vagina.
by Webster June 25, 2004
1184 307
Slang for the University of Pennsylvania. Also called UPenn.
Penn is one of the Ivies.
by Webster April 07, 2003
424 75
Words for eat this and don't try to back talk the USA. Used by the idiocy of america, a republican who wants to move the sheep of America into Isolation and Stupidity. A cracker who wants to share fries.
Would you like to eat my small fries. No, I would like you to poison yourself. Join the military, you'll enjoy a good forgetful death.
by Webster May 09, 2003
389 65
The study of life.

Also, a boring class, which gives a lot of homework that I should be doing right now.
Much of the worlds photosynthesis is carried out by bacteria. Photosynthetic bacteria can be classified into four major groups....

see? no one cares.
by webster February 09, 2005
533 244
A description of a black person who acts very cool and self-confident; originated from Dave Chappelle's imitation of Rick James.
Rick was hittin' on the girls and bein' mad niggerish, which was right up my alley.
by Webster April 18, 2004
425 172
(1) n. A delicious beverage found in the white palms of urban dwellers across the United States.

(2) n. Slang term used to describe those inclined to drink grape soda.
(1) Miles arrived to the anticipated enthusiasm of his ghetto brethren after picking up a sixer of grape soda from the convenience store.

(2) The neighborhood has gone to crap -- I saw a some grape sodas moving into the corner home.
by Webster June 25, 2004
472 222
The uppermost part of a sports arena. Used to exaggerate the altitude of the highest seats, i.e. high altitudes give you nosebleeds.
We ordered our tickets later than everyone else and were forced to sit in the nosebleed section high above the field.
by Webster April 20, 2004
279 38