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pertaining similiar traits to NoBle aka oG jon
by Webster March 10, 2003
a popular character in song.
"F-L-A-M-E-R K-A-S-E-Y" (to the tune of Mickey Mouse Club)
Oh, whos the gayest one of all; who likes crembrule?
F-L-A, M-E-R, K-A-S-E-Y.
Who thinks afghanistan is north of Canada?
F-L-A, M-E-R, K-A-S-E-Y
Kaseys GAY! Kaseys gay.
now we know who likes crembrule!
So come along and sing the song; make fun of him all day.
by webster September 19, 2003
the 96 sentra 4dr is the shiznit, especially if it is in a silver color, it is the best sentra ever made, a 92 wouldnt even compare.
damn, that b14 sentra smoked that b13!
by webster April 13, 2004
One who is attractive and cool. Similar to Bad Mother Fucker, Shiznit, and Bad Ass. A person who is respected by peers and always keeps things Fresh.
Yo Hot Stuff how you doin'?!
by Webster March 29, 2003
When you flick a giant booger on someones car headlights.
James: "Danya said you were late today."
Derek: "He's a chump, I gave him the green lantern anyway!"
James: "Hahahahaha!"
Derek: "Bwahahahaa!"
by Webster March 31, 2003
1. A secret weapon
2. An unsure circumstance in a given situation

This phrase was used, although not widely, in the 60's and has made a comeback in white supremacist groups recently.
1. Team Captain: We're losing badly, what's the plan?
Basketball Coach: Well, they seem to know all of our plays. Let's have "Too Tall" run the #2 pick and roll with "Tiny"
Team Captain: Damn, we've practised all season, no we're finally gonna use the nigger in the woodpile.
2. I've seen the flop, the bend, and the river, and i like my pocket 10's, but something tells me he's got niggers in the woodpile...I fold.
by Webster January 29, 2005
herpes infested whores
the ones u see walking by walgreens
by WEBSTER January 21, 2004
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