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1. the past tense form of "to caps lock"
2. having capitalized something on a keyboard
She caps locked her name when the boy failed to read it the first time.
by webster July 05, 2003
An expression one uses to indicate that one is open to new ideas, or is willing to do anything.
If you want to go see a movie tonight, I'm game.
by Webster April 20, 2004

1. Stupid.
2. Foolish or childish.
Reiko is a hathead.
by Webster April 17, 2004
the act of dispersing cooties to willing or unwilling parties. aka- making out
after the next tyrannasaurusr rex i make out with, i'm all yours for the cootifying
by webster February 01, 2004
A large oblong television, or one with an infatuation with pk.
Man, get that Corky Wharton outta my way, its blocking the television.
by Webster December 29, 2003
One who has an infatuation with pk, or an oblong chair.
Move that Corky Wharton, it's in the way of the television.
He is a Corky Wharton.
by Webster December 29, 2003
Someone of the upmost intelligence, wisdom, and "moves".
"That togadae certainly is of the upmost intelligence, wisdom, and 'moves'."
by Webster September 03, 2003
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