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A dumb ass that doesn't have a clue and iritates the shit out of you.
Tell that goofwad to leave me alone while I'm on the phone!
by Webster January 26, 2004
1: loser
2: lyer
3: inbred
4: white trash
That guy in the picture standing next to that POS car in front of the manufactured home, he's such a dragual.
by Webster January 24, 2005
Person who is unaware of his surroundings. Likes to be arrogant and thinks they are the best.

AOL screenname used for hacking.

Person or persons who smells funny/
Tankhibbard5: lol wassup?

Random Person: not much here.

Tankhibbard5: kewl kewl, not much goin on here. whatz u up 2

Random Person: Not much I guess.

Tankhibbard: yeah I am so tired from everything i had 2 du today cuz it was lot of work

Random person: um, do you speak english?

Tankhibbard: g2g ttyl cya bye
by Webster December 14, 2004
(adj.) something or someone that goes beyond crazy.

"my cat goes nutzo around laser pointers."
by Webster September 29, 2004
(1)the transitional statement used when a conversation has been exhausted of its interest. (2) the call for a change of subject.
by webster September 29, 2003
the gal with a heart soo big it's gonna explode, but the stoopidity, well let's just say it's like eating shit out of a loyal dinna plate
by WEBSTER September 14, 2003
Supreme being in which has reflexs faster then anything in this world. Uses the skill of trickery to fool those who oppose him, and figures out complicated computer errors mentally with in nanoseconds.
Nancy: Hey DD whats 3995 in binary?
Dark Deception: 1111 1001 1011
Nancy: Ok, thanks...

Medal of Honor:
BoX was sniped by Dark Deception in the head.
BoX was sniped by Dark Deception in the head.
BoX was sniped by Dark Deception in the head.
BoX was sniped by Dark Deception in the head.
Box has left the battle.
by Webster September 06, 2003
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