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noun- a dynamic woman who is funny and smart and works with amazing people on a daily basis, is terrifically sexy and drives men wild with desire

verb-the first margarita on vacation
I can't wait til we get to acapulco I gotta get my danya on
by meeko f February 02, 2010
201 44
the most beautiful girl in the world. perfect in every way. smart too, but likes to deny it. she truly is amazing. i love her <3
danya is just so pretty and perfect.
by psy doe April 13, 2013
56 6
the act of thuggin' (being a thug)
has a tendency of breaking out the bling and dem ho in public
"yooo man, he been danya-in'!"
by Misters F January 16, 2008
69 76
a thin tomboy who beats people up alot
stop being a danya!
by caSsie 21 August 21, 2009
55 76
A middle-aged teenager who enjoys long ballet sessions on the mid-ocean breeze. One day danya will asplode!!!@#!@# ONO.
danya eats corn chips ALL DAY LONG.
by jeff April 09, 2005
49 111