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(1) n. A delicious beverage found in the white palms of urban dwellers across the United States.

(2) n. Slang term used to describe those inclined to drink grape soda.
(1) Miles arrived to the anticipated enthusiasm of his ghetto brethren after picking up a sixer of grape soda from the convenience store.

(2) The neighborhood has gone to crap -- I saw a some grape sodas moving into the corner home.
by Webster June 25, 2004
when passing your wife in the hallway and you both utter "fuck you". Not as pleasurable as most other forms of sex.
"Fuck you" she said, "Fuck you" he said.
by Webster October 15, 2003
1) The expression of a loss of interest in something or someone.

2) The indication that a negative event is no longer bothersome to someone.
1) I thought that Bud Light was great beer when I started drinking, but now I'm over it.

2) I suffered for days after she broke up with me, but I'm over it now.
by Webster April 20, 2004
One who is very cool, or bad in the good sense. A person who knows how to carry themself while mainting respect. One that is looked up by one's peer's, yet does not necessarily follow the 'norm',
You one bad mother fucker man!
by Webster March 29, 2003
A game where two people of the same sex (and preferably straight) put their faces closer and closer until one of them chickens out. If none of them do, then they get closer until they kiss.
My gf played gay chicken and she thought it wouldn't be cheating. Fucking bitch.
by Webster March 06, 2004
gangsta, thoro
keep it gully
by webster March 09, 2003
The schools in The Ivy League, a sports conference. Consists of:
University of Pennsylvania
Harvard is full of the biggest cocksuckers in the Ivies.
by Webster April 07, 2003
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