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The act of trapping a person underneath a blanket and physically assaulting them. The blanket is used as: 1) a deterrent for the assaulted person to fight back; and 2) a way of keeping the assailants anonymous.
We're going to give that annoying bastard a blanket party tonight.
by UrbanWebster February 15, 2004
The space between your testicles and anus (balls and anus= banus). See taint.
John kicked me between the legs, but he got me behind the balls, right in my banus.
by UrbanWebster February 15, 2004
Those who play the sport of hockey.
Eric Lindros and Paul Kariya are hockey players.
by UrbanWebster February 15, 2004
A bout of diarrhea so intensely painful that it almost kills you.
I woke up at 3 AM and pooped so hard that I thought it would be my death shit.
by UrbanWebster February 15, 2004
1) An extremely large vehicle once intended solely for heavy-duty amphibious use by military personnel, now common in civilian transportation.

2) An act of fellatio in which the woman hums while performing.
My foot was crushed to pieces when the Hummer backed over it.

I received a hummer last night and reached climax rather quickly.
by UrbanWebster February 15, 2004
1) To cease an activity.

2) A place of interest during travel.
Stop stabbing Michael in the eye with a crayon, young man, you're in third grade now.

Our next stop on the way to Cornhole, Iowa, will be the world's largest ball of twine!
by UrbanWebster February 15, 2004
1) A condition in which the genitalia of a man or woman is foul or rotting away.

2) A sexually transmitted disease.
I fooled around without a condom and acquired a bad case of crotchrot.
by UrbanWebster February 14, 2004

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