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1) A condition in which the genitalia of a man or woman is foul or rotting away.

2) A sexually transmitted disease.
I fooled around without a condom and acquired a bad case of crotchrot.
by UrbanWebster February 14, 2004
1) To strike an object with another object, i.e. to hit a baseball with a baseball bat.

2) To make a goal in a sporting event.
1) C'Mon man, nail that ball out of here!

2) I tried to nail a shot from halfcourt but it missed the goal altogether and struck my five-year-old brother between the eyes.
by UrbanWebster February 15, 2004
A noisy and sulfurous fart.
This sick pud just ripped a beefer in my face.
by UrbanWebster February 15, 2004
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