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an ass kisser
John Howard is such a sycophant
by Trip June 06, 2003
Read: "Sorry honey, it's over."
My girl called me up and said "we need to talk," and i knew it was over.
by trip September 25, 2003
People whose exsistance you tend to deny in a social gathering.
"Are those your relatives?"
by trip June 25, 2003
a superhero with the powers to travel to the future and do John like things.
After he saved the day, yet again, Future John exclaimed, "See you... in the future!"
by Trip May 28, 2004
Insult deriving from the marriage of 'dweeb' and 'tard'. Put in as a replacement for insults such as artard, retard, fucktard, lametard, and so on.
God DAMN, why are you such a dweebtard?
by TRIP November 13, 2004
a hairy, ugly, small dicked little chink that likes to wak off in CSI while he watches Mr.Bernal blows his nose.
Hey look its a Trip!!!!! He's feeling me!!!
by trip January 29, 2004
The testicles.
I told my lady to take a bite out of my christ apples. Unfortunately, she did.
by trip June 25, 2003

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