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central connecticut area.
the poorer areas like hartford aka heartbeat baby!
i live in da 860 baby!
by chels1991 January 02, 2009
Term crafted by middle age pot smoking parents to say hey let's get high to each other when around kids or in church A slant on the very recognizable 420 but possibly due to being high the math is wrong
Hey Bob wanna 860 ? Sure Steve !
by Mrpeabody June 26, 2012
East side of Connecticut. The Upper Class areas
New London County is in the 860
by Jay yellek October 25, 2006
The undesirable area of Connecticut, serving as the butt of jokes from everyone living in the 203 area code. The 203 towns not allowed to use it are the Haven's, Derby, Milford, and North Branford, which have an over abundance of blue collar families.
"Yo, this Clinton party has transparent 8 ounce cups for beer pong."
" 860."

"That girl goes tanning on the reg and has a tramp stamp."
"Ya, she's 860."
by Elizabeth Skelly April 15, 2009
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