Risky looking and dubious. Most likely dangerous.
The dice implies you are taking your chances.
"That is one dicey looking piece of chicken"
"That road has some dicey bends on it"
"this bar is lined up with the diciest looking tramps I ever saw"
by Container October 12, 2003
A situation that isn't right.
Kinda like dodgy or sketchy.
It is a gamble for the positive outcome to be achieved.
That bridge looks dicey, sure we wont fall through it.
I can't believe he just lost your new Redman cd, thats a bit dicey.
by Diego September 22, 2003
Of a highly questionable outcome, uncertain, not defined, up to chance, depending on variables, remaining to be seen
After being shot in the head, it's dicey.
by alphachimp October 11, 2003
This is a pretty dicey neighborhood
by Anonymous October 05, 2003
outcome is doubtful, 50-50 chance of success, iffy, chancy.
I wouldn't invest in that business, man, it looks a bit dicey.
by Beach Hobbit October 02, 2003
dicey can be used in substitute of of many words, can be referring to something incredible and awesome or something lame or almost anything between just like sick but better, is definition determined by pronunciation and situation.
that three off the big table was dicey, couldnt of done it any better", or "the three off the big table was dicey you really got to work on your style", "that bitch was dicey stay away
by Jev477 April 30, 2011
What happens when you ride a bike on a frozen lake. You get all dicey and shiznat. (((WHAT WHAT!)))
Check it, lets go ride on that lake with our Huffy's, it's for sure gonna end up dicey!
by JordanDiginZ0rz October 05, 2003

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