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Marksmanship, for knives. The discipline of knife-handling, covering skill in precision and speed of cutting, all with cavalier style. Also covers selection, care, safety, maintenance, and never once cutting yourself.
mom: who will carve the roast beast?
knifeman: allow me.

<knifes flash in a silver blur, and the beast is reduced to perfect portion slices>
mom: Impressive! Great knifemanship.
by TreeWeezel April 07, 2011
literally: a large, lumpy, generally amorphus baked good.

in "urban" speak: descriptive of the view of a girl from behind. Not just the ass, but the entire view.

a girl with a "backside like baked brown betty" is only has to be a little bit chubby. The backside is riddled with any of the following flaws:

back boobs
puffy shoulders
muffin top
complete lack of ass- (waist wider than hips)
Oh snap, shawty's got a backside like baked brown betty. that's just a shame.
by TreeWeezel November 20, 2010
Short, fat string beans which have been boiled for far too long. Served ubiquitously in the south.
Dude: "Somebody boiled the shit out of these green beans!"

Scary obese lady chef: "Don't you like grain bains?"
by TreeWeezel November 16, 2010
The proper response to being called a wanker
guy 1: "You wanker"

guy 2: "You're the wanker."

guy 1: "(wanking, my secret shame! How did he know?)"
by TreeWeezel November 21, 2010
1. literally: rough sex between seedy people

2. figuratively: tackling a tough task with gusto. Similar to "just do it"

3. touchdown in football
1. The dumpster sluts strutted into the bar, hoping to take the bulldick to the chengis

2. With deadlines closing in, I had to make a plan and take the bulldick to the chengis. Now I can enjoy a weekend out of town.

3. With one yard to go, the quarterback charged forward and took the bulldick to the chengis.
by TreeWeezel November 15, 2010
Anyone who uses eggs in urban aggression. Based on the song "Eggman" by Beastie Boys.

- "Eggman", Beastie Boys
by TreeWeezel April 09, 2011
A fantasy war going on in digitally crafted worlds. Online gamers participate in the fray with their other-worldly avatars, but no outsider can tell who's fighting on who's side. Since it is subscription-based the war must never end, requiring ongoing worldcraft to spur the flames of digital violence.
Dude: I'm gonna log onto War of Worldcraft for a couple hours.
Dude 2: How long is the war going to go on for?
Dude: I don't know. I keep killing and killing and killing, but I have no idea if we're winning.
by TreeWeezel April 15, 2011

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