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When you don oversized plastic leather shoes and stomp all over a girl, for her pleasure. -Frank Zappa
"then she gave the shoes to me,
and said Darling stomp all over me"

"Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy", Frank Zappa
by TreeWeezel April 12, 2011
A mediocre vacation destination. Instead of beaches and sun you get rocks and rain, yet instead of mountains you get molehills. Their proudest offering is their caustic apple cider.
"I'm going to france for vacation."
"That'll be great! Sun, beaches, wine, babes, fashion!"
"Actually, I'll be touring the ancient chapels and cider orchards of the north of france ."
by TreeWeezel March 24, 2011
Making progress at an out-of-control pace, while looking silly.

Usually athletic, like running frantically or lifting weights of ambitious heft with fervor. Could also apply to everyday things like working at full tilt all night, or even walking agressively.
I wanted a leisurely vacation, but she was bulldogin it between thirty silly little things a day. Now my feet hurt, my shoes are worn out, and I still need a vacation.
by TreeWeezel November 15, 2010
DJ technique - the result is a "hit" sound. It works best with a brass chord sample.

In parallel he bumps the record forward and opens the crossfader for a split second, which sounds like a short hard note.
Old school DJs will use a lot of stabs to give some punch to the 808 beats.
by TreeWeezel November 17, 2011
Childhood game of fashioning the largest clunkiest legos into crude spacecraft. To play the game, two children slam their "zords" into each other and whoever's breaks first loses.
Lets play Zords!
<15 minutes later, crude spacecraft are constructed from huge lego bricks>
Ow my fingers!!!
by TreeWeezel April 18, 2011
Bastardization of vegetarian used for dry humor. The idea is that the user has never heard of vegetarianism and thinks he is inventing the word for it when somebody says that they don't eat meat.

The humor comes from oversimplification, implied ignorance, and laughable wordcoinning. It also kinda sounds like Unitarian, implying a quasi-religious respect for vegetables.
Dude: Have some chicken fingers.
Loser: I don't eat meat
Dude: Chicken is barely meat.
Loser: I NEVER eat meat, I'm a vegetarian
Dude: Oh, so you're like a vegetableitarian?
Loser: ehhh...I guess.
Dude: Sorry, I didn't mean for you to go against your "religion"
Loser: (huhhh?)
by TreeWeezel April 09, 2011
The masculine sound of electric power, usually a motor or heating element.
When some chode drove by revving his mustang 5.0, nobody turned their head. Then when I pulled away from the curb on my electric scooter, all the girls were smitten by my ripping tronsurge.
by TreeWeezel March 14, 2011

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