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A black person who is not good enough to be a nigger.
"look at the lil niglet sucking white mans cock, shit, slavery died."
by Tony ramone June 18, 2005
The biggest losers ever. They are brother and sister and fucked each other, they're music sucks and Im glad they're dead or depressed or born again christians, b/c they suck and the world has had enough

MArie: Dammit Donnie! moms right there
by Tony ramone June 18, 2005
When you see your girlfriend making out with the school nerd.
"Hey Robby, I saw Monica fuckin Peter Wang yesterday"

"GODDAMMIT!!! WHY AM I NOT RESPECTED" (his leather pants tear)
by Tony Ramone July 12, 2005
A man who died 2000 years ago apparently for our sins we havent commited. Worshipped by insane people who believe in magic.
Jesus is dead get over it
by Tony ramone June 18, 2005
1. Where Hitler is satans bitch

2. Where you play poker AND ALWAYS LOSE

3. Listen to Bush speeches in the day and America at night.
"Oh jesus, no more mr president, no more...... OH GOD, OH GOD NO!!!!!"

"Cause I been through the desert....."
by Tony Ramone June 29, 2005
The greatest director to appear in the nineties, and one of the greatest all-time. Tho he has few films out, they are all kick ass. Spike Lee said hes racist.
Spike: "man Quentin, there is so many racial slurs in your movies"

Quentin: "Sorry, I dont sign autogrpahs for black people."
by Tony ramone June 25, 2005
A lame attempt at punk rock. By the biggest poser/horrible/emo band ever, Green Day. Inspires stupid emo kids to slit their wrists.
(Billie Joe comes out of nowhere)

Billie: I have control over you lonely depressed teenage emo girl. Join my ranks of stupid posers who call themselves punk and 80% of us eventually commit suicide b/c we are emo fags.

depressed teenage emo girl: I am at your control (slits wrists)
by Tony Ramone July 09, 2005
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