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something cool, sweet or clever
If you say something clever: it is butterscotch.
If something cool happens: it is butterscotch.

by butter of scotch April 22, 2009
An attractive or "tasty" white girl who tans and who has no tan lines ( natural,sun, or un-natural, tanning salon)
she used to be a white girl but now shes butterscotch.
by Slayer1 May 28, 2015
Butterscotch or butterscotching is when a male takes the sweat that forms under his balls after long strenuous activity and puts it on his fingers by reaching into his pants and then smears it on another individuals face (often their lips) and then exclaims "butterscotch"!
After a long hard day at the lumber yard in the hot sun, Jacob walked up to Aaron and brushed his fingers on his lips and yelled butterscotch. Aaron licked his lips unaware and giggled and replied butterscotch.
by Jdotc May 27, 2013
Related to a "buttercup," a butterscotch is when you belch into your friend's hand (or your own) and push it to their nose for a whiff!
I butterscotched my husband tonight!
by QueenButterscotch March 22, 2010
A butterfaced (female with a great body but gross face) milf. Basically any older woman who has an amazing body but a horrendous face.
I thought my boss was a smoke show, but then she turned around and I realized she was a total butterscotch
by DareToBro10 July 21, 2011
A hard candy commonly consumed by elderly people.
My Grandpa Loves his butterscoth!
by Mir July 30, 2004
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