80 definitions by Timmy

one eyed snake
hes flagellum is showing
by timmy October 07, 2003
is someone who likes to cheat on her boyfriend with other guys.
Angela is a drunk slut!!
by timmy October 18, 2003
Gat is the thick brown residue that can build up on your front teeth when smoking excessive spliffs
Nick you have some serious gat!
by Timmy February 14, 2005
homie look at this
a yo trip
by timmy November 24, 2003
In West London, to refer to LTE is to refer to Large Ted Ed
What's LTE up to tonight?
by Timmy February 14, 2005
a saying that has more than one meaning
me:so the rabbits are like you then, frisky and working at night
vanessa: excuse me!
me: you always do your hw at night hence the working.
Vanessa:that was a fork in the road
by timmy September 07, 2003
white pants . wow . red hair , pimp .
davis .
by timmy March 22, 2003

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