81 definitions by Timmy

Where the sane people live in Atlanta. Outside the 285 beltway, or "Outside the Perimeter".

Most ITP' are seriously jealous of OTP'ers so they bash them.
Where do you live?

Up in Alpharetta.

Oh, OTP, that's cool.
by Timmy April 11, 2005
Well, he may be a nice guy, but he's one hell of a boring drummer.
"Hey man you really need to get a new drumbeat down. Your'e pulling a bit of a Fab."
by timmy January 21, 2005
a shark that likes to play happily in the mud
(at the zoo) daddy can we please go see the mudhsark now?
by timmy March 07, 2005
A lid is an absolute tosser
That barman is a lid!
by Timmy February 18, 2005

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