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a saying that has more than one meaning
me:so the rabbits are like you then, frisky and working at night
vanessa: excuse me!
me: you always do your hw at night hence the working.
Vanessa:that was a fork in the road
by timmy September 07, 2003
Shoogy shoogy shoo, where are you?

I need my shoogy poooo!

Meowmix please deliver.


I like chicken tonight!

Puppy porn rules!
Samuella: Shoogy

Robin: Shoo
by Timmy January 30, 2005
While still an okay band, one that can not compare to the magic of at the drive-in or the mars volta.
"At the bottom of the barrel, to great surprise, we found our lives."
by timmy January 21, 2005
A 'flat' is short for a 'flat bat' (a homosexual)
Elton John is a flat
by Timmy February 18, 2005
Tossing a rancid egg at a hideos clown
Pressberg got egged by the speeding car and he cried like a women
by TImmY November 15, 2003
A situation that is guaranteed to be found outside any female toilet at a public event.
Bloody hell, look at the line up outside the sheilas' shitter.
by timmy January 21, 2005
referring to a pussy, snatch, cunt, etc.
Doogey Houser: Yeah i want some burgers, some furburgers.
by Timmy April 14, 2005
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