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i phrase commonly used to describe ones attraction towards something....
*hott girl/guy walks by

*u scream "GET THAT ASS"
by timmy April 03, 2005
only the coolest pharse ever. related to, oh snap, oh shnap, and, mockingbird.
oh snappin' bird, i lost my pen!
by timmy November 30, 2003
Short for the tea-cup evacuation fund. If a national disaster was to occur then all tea-cups would be evactuated before humans.
A giant carrot! Evacuate the tea-cups.
by Timmy February 06, 2005
the name given to the female reproductive organ
"Yo, last night, this chick let me get in her slice!"
by Timmy February 16, 2004
A large ogre type creature of unspecified gender. Carnivore. Can be found stalking its prey at local WWE signings.
I saw Ace Rockola last week, I had nightmares ever since.
by Timmy February 07, 2004
the marine corps base in southern california. one of the largest marine corps bases in the world. also home for marine recruits for 4 weeks during their 13 week brain washing period.
Camp Pendleton, where the brainwashing begins.

Camp Pendleton, also see concentration camp.
by Timmy April 15, 2005
Grove Park Crew - a 7-strong crew from West London. Details can be found at www.thegpc.com
GPC - tightest crew on the planet!
by Timmy February 14, 2005
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