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A situation that is guaranteed to be found outside any female toilet at a public event.
Bloody hell, look at the line up outside the sheilas' shitter.
by timmy January 21, 2005
A poor man's GTO.
I can't afford a real car so I'll by a 90's Ford probe.
by TIMMY January 12, 2004
derived from "jubblies" also known as boobies or titties
Tim was forced by Regan beyond his will to caress her j's

by timmy December 10, 2002
Best NBA playa ever to live. Next MJ.
HOLY VAGINAL HAIR DID KOBE JUS PUT UP ANOTHER 40 point game. Whats that 11 , 12, 13 in a row?
by Timmy July 30, 2004
pocket pussy (often used to sexually excite men (most often lonely, horny, single men) if they are too much of a fag to not have some random chick (or girlfriend) to do it for them)
Damn dude, could you buy me a yam sometime? I'm horny as a motherfucker and my hand just ain't cuttin' it!
by timmy August 06, 2004
the big kahunah wang hung
i had a penis, but i chopped it off and now i dont anymore. it felt good.
by timmy January 29, 2004
JAP crap which cost a shit load to fix and suck as far as performance cars go.
That MX6 so soooooo 1992
by TIMMY December 09, 2003

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