80 definitions by Timmy

Top Gun way of saying hello to a friend.
Whats up Shit Goose
by Timmy January 16, 2003
A zoot jays is a zoot smoked entirely to yourself
I can't wait to bun my zoot jays!
by Timmy February 18, 2005
Grove Park Crew - a 7-strong crew from West London. Details can be found at www.thegpc.com
GPC - tightest crew on the planet!
by Timmy February 14, 2005
the act of being like Jake, or half indian
Hi punnam, ur being like jake
by timmy January 09, 2004
Leet people that get head shots.
wHaley: wtf was that??
elfZORZ: a GIC on you fosho
by Timmy August 06, 2003
Something or Somebody that is just being gay, or is just pissing you off lately
Man work sucks, this place has been growing a mustache lately

Man, Willy's pissing me off, he's really been growing a mustache lately
by Timmy March 14, 2003
a girl who gets called a cunt but actually enjoys the fire!!
Cuntler has a thing for GET OUT AND STAY OUT!!
by Timmy October 27, 2003

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