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1)Jamaican slang for "to steal"

2)When you feel you've been cheated or conned and is unfair. Used alot when playing video games, especially fighting ones.
1) Yardie 1: Check parn dat phwone, a where you get it?

Yardie 2: Me teef it.

Yardie 1: seen

2) Gamer 1: cant believe you got beat by Dhalsim

Gamer 2: Nah man, that was a teef.
by Talos August 14, 2005
The act of showing ones bottom/ass for either attention or insult. Commonly peformed when under the influence of alot of alcohol.
Guy on bus: "This guy was shouting abuse at me from his car, so i gave him a moony".
by Talos August 14, 2005
A game where you take turns putting ones hand on top of the opponents head, and dragging it hard in any direction, saying the word "sparns" as you do. Can also be done randomly to an unsuspected person.

Games can sometimes result in a nasty case of whiplash, which can ensure an easy victory.
Guy 1: 'watches t.v.'

Guy 2: 'sneakes up from behind'......."SPAAAARNS"

Guy 1: "OWWW!!!!!"
by Talos August 14, 2005
The act of poor peformance usually resulting in failure.
Playing Football:

(Guy 1's ball goes high over the crossbar)

Guy 1: Yeah yeah, did you see my wicked shot then.

Guy 2: What you on about?, you bungled it.
by Talos August 14, 2005
1)A chocolate bar with deliciouis white coconut on the inside.

2)A black guy/girl who only goes out with caucasian people.

3) A black guy/girl who acts like a caucasian person.
1) Guy: Just going to the shop, you want anything?
Girl: erm........get me a bounty.

2) Guy: Yo Marlon! Heard that ya checkin Amy.

Marlon: yeah..so?

Guy: Ya bounty!
by Talos August 14, 2005
The opposite of a "Moony" in which you expose your front i.e. your genitalia. Usually done by males, rarely done by females.
Guy on bus: "Oh man, that guy in his car pissed me off so much that i gave him a sunny.
by Talos August 14, 2005
onomatopoeic word for when you drink something quickly. The speed of how you drink sounds like the word "gwat"
Guy 1: C'mon man gwat that down, the bus is coming!

Guy 2 with pint: "Gwat, Gwat, Gwat.....aahhhhh" (wipes mouth)
by Talos August 14, 2005
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