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means vagina
spampurse, spazhole, fadge, axe wound, gash, box, snatch
by timbo January 21, 2004
The podge at the front of a large lady where her "gut" meets her "twat", and becomes one. Also known as a "gunt, bunt or bwat" In the masculine known as a "gwilly".
Look at the gwat on that!
by James Morris April 08, 2005
a term to describe large thighs, be they male or female. used singularly to describe girth. derived from "Guatamalas".
"that female speed skater had mad Gwats yo"
by lil'nix March 16, 2010
means to have some form of money
i jus got paid and i got gwat out the booty
by Lauren B. August 08, 2005
The mythological gwat is a large furry red haired rodent that slinks behind pubs and is often associated with hay bales. Mostly active towards sunset, these highly polygynous creatures have an eary call that most closely resembles a gurgling pump.
I had had a few beers but I swear I saw a gwat last night.
by Been October 02, 2007
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