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He is a character from Street Fighter. Hailing from India, Dhalsim is a master of the art of Yoga...in fact, he has trained his body to move and stretch outside of normal human limitations. He is capable of extending his limbs to great lengths and even breathing fire. He enters the Street Fioghter tournasment to prove to the world that the art of Yoga is supreme.
by Samurai Katsu October 15, 2003
A bald, elderly, Indian StreetFighter who tries to hide his lack of hair with head-paint. Somewhat resembling a hippy-version of countryman Ghandi, it is said that he developed the ability to stretch his arms, legs and torso after applying the principles of penis enlargement to the rest of his body.
Q: Who's that skinny, hippy, old dude?
A: It's Dhalsim.
by dickaiyd September 28, 2009