an African with a tiny penis and vision problems. native to every tribe in africa cause his mom's a whore. extremely racist to everyone especially mexicans. He likes to have intercourse with many different types of animals native to Africa! (his favorite is the monkey)
you're such a Marlon

I went Marlon on that monkey

You're mom is a Marlon
by mexican that isnt asian October 11, 2010
A random person. That person who stays after the party and hangs out with you and all of your friends, but who no one actually knows. It derives from calling such a person a "rando", which morphed into "Marlon rando", and finally just "marlon".
Who's that fucking marlon in the corner? I totally just saw hiim finish off the whisky, and now he's trying to hit on my girlfriend. What a lame marlon.

Man, let's get out of here. this party is a total marlon-fest.
by Andrew Flint February 07, 2007
Amazing boy that gets all the girls.He usually is the one that is nice and caring to everybody he see's. Girls tend to like him for his smile and his affection towards them. A Marlon is usually a tall mixed male with short hair a brown eyes. He usually tends to get good grades along with a loving girlfriend. He hates too be cheated on but is always there when you need him. Usually a Marlon is good at sports and finds a particular love towards basketball. All in all He is a person you can depend on at you lowest.
Girl:Oh my Gosh I'm Dating MARLON!!
by Bruhman2169 November 07, 2014
The one and only Godfather. It is another word for Boss, King, Prince, GODFATHER.
"Marlon Brando will always be the true mafia king."

"Yo, remember that guy we met? I heard he's a Marlon in California."
by Mark June 17, 2006
Rhyming slang. As in Marlon Devonish, for the time of day around seven or eleven o'clock. (sevenish or elevenish)
'I'll see you down the pub then, around marlon'

'What tim is the footy on?'
'Half marlon'
by Michael Ball February 23, 2008
slang for a brandy, from actor Marlon Brando
Now getting to the bar’s gonna be trouble
So the Marlons’ll have to be doubles
Then you drink doubles
The same speed you drink singles
by Mike Skinner April 08, 2006
(n.) pertaining to Modern Warfare 2, one with a specific playstyle who utilizes flanking maneuvers to surprise opponents and dispatch them via knife. Synonomous with blue tiger.

(n.) one that possesses puma-like attributes such as the ability to move silently in the night and quick deadly strikes. Often prey upon baby manatees, but like sea turtles.

Alex: "dude i was playin Cod on rust and i was rapin the n00b i was goin marlon, like fucking blue tiger shit. tac-knifin those noooobs wile they just like fucking noob tubed and g18 like l33t b1tch3s fo 5h1t#$ @ !!!!"

Mike: "ohh ya, you deserve an LJ"


Ryan: "dude I just saw marlon eat manatee!"

Jake: "yeah he needs nourishment"

Ryan: "at least he doesn't eat sea turtles."
by turtlex July 11, 2010

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