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its just 'porn' with some kind of accent that i cant think of right now
ooooh, look at all deh PARN! its so beautiful
by parn addict March 03, 2006
A word used to describe a pervert. Derived from the comedian Chris Parnell of Saturday Night Live (SNL) who played many pervy characters such as Merv the Perv during his time on the show and did a damn good job at it.
"Ew, that teacher is so disgusting!"
"I know, he's a total Parns."

"That guy is such a Parns!"
by NicoleSaysChyea! November 27, 2006
Parn is Irish pornography
He mate, that leprechaun is looking at parn!
by Jostin May 21, 2006
a request for gay sex
by Anonymous August 16, 2003
1) To act in a manner consistent with that of an utter idiot towards someone
She kept parning me, so I bitchslapped her to Kenya.
by parned September 05, 2008