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A word used to describe a pervert. Derived from the comedian Chris Parnell of Saturday Night Live (SNL) who played many pervy characters such as Merv the Perv during his time on the show and did a damn good job at it.
"Ew, that teacher is so disgusting!"
"I know, he's a total Parns."

"That guy is such a Parns!"
by NicoleSaysChyea! November 27, 2006
its just 'porn' with some kind of accent that i cant think of right now
ooooh, look at all deh PARN! its so beautiful
by parn addict March 03, 2006
Parn is Irish pornography
He mate, that leprechaun is looking at parn!
by Jostin May 21, 2006
1) To act in a manner consistent with that of an utter idiot towards someone
She kept parning me, so I bitchslapped her to Kenya.
by parned September 05, 2008
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