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1) Greatest, and most recognised computer system ever made for the home, affordable, and decent, the C64 lived over 11 years on the production line, and sold over 15million units.

2) Car made by the Australian sub-branch of General Motors, Holden, Commodores are unable to achieve over 45km/h without serious engine failure, or losening of body work.
1) w00t! Labyrinth, Impossible Mission, Super Wonder Boy, Ghostbusters, Owns you =D

2) the car achieving 39.5km/h on the straight was the commodore
by Squatdog December 27, 2003
1: to Masturbate - usually to pornography or when one is bored
I pulled up the pron and had a maz
by Squatdog November 08, 2004
Person with Red hair - Orangatan.
haha, Troy is such a Wranga.
by Squatdog November 28, 2003
delaying something unnecessarily by dawdling, and slacking off
quit piss farting around like an old jin and clean the freaking car
by Squatdog October 26, 2003
Generic term used to show displeasure, or dissatisfaction of something
Bob: "Larry, the cars dirty"
Larry: "Bob. just suck me off"
by Squatdog December 27, 2003
to blast ones lunch odour out of the anus with a thundering explosion
who cut one? dirty maggot
by Squatdog October 27, 2003
an idiot who tags definitions as "inaccurate" or "offensive" because they don't understand the concept of Urban Dictionary being OFFENSIVE SLANG.
user: "huuuh hhuh, i dont like the term of 'nigger' coz its racist, even tho black people say it too...huhhh uhhhuh..."
by Squatdog January 06, 2004

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