19 definitions by Squatdog

A person who enjoys spetz immensely.
argh, dont touch me you dirty spetz naz artist!
by Squatdog November 26, 2003
unlubricated anal sex usually had in a park at night, or in a toilet cubicle.
Naz: "seeya later, im going to go have spetz"

Dude: "ok, later...faggot"
by Squatdog November 26, 2003
a gay bar
im off to connections, boys, maybe i will get connected tonight...
by Squatdog December 05, 2003
a brand of clothing try-hard skaters wear to look kewl.
i iz smp skater bro, i'll kickflip up to this ledge and look kewl, fo' shizzle my nizzle!
by Squatdog October 27, 2003
The Engine of a car, usually a V8 351 Windsor Ford engine.
Pull the donk out and replace it fool!
by Squatdog October 27, 2003

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