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slang term for McDonalds family restaurants. Macky Dees usually tastes like shit and is hardly fit for human consumption.
yo, me main man, I iz goin down to macky dees for a feed, yo.
by Squatdog January 16, 2004
a homosexual commonly found with red hair who thinks he can skate. other names for such creature are Wranga, abo and tool.
watch me kickflip!!! im an smp skater, d00d.
by Squatdog November 28, 2003
One hairy boong usually found lurking on EnterTheGame. Thinks he can play CS but he's just an average goon drinking, petrol sniffer from down south.
blackbart: LOL Me and Malcolm drank 8 litres of goon each and didnt even get drunk
Squatdog: err...
by Squatdog January 20, 2005
a person with red hair, abbreviated to Wranga
"hahha, look at that orangutan kid"
by Squatdog December 05, 2003
Someone who gets off over fantisising or playing with anothers (usually males) pubic region
"man, keep your pubic hands off my pubic region, pubic man you fag"
by Squatdog December 05, 2003
to perform oral sex upon a female (assuming one is male)
"man, im going home to grow a beard"

"last night I grew the biggest beard"
by Squatdog December 05, 2003
1) a non-alcoholic cola beverage made by the Coca-Cola company
2) "had some Vanilla Coke" - to lick semen off a penis that has just been packing fudge.

See Cherry Coke
1) "Wow, V-Coke is the greatest

2) "sheezus kariisht, i was jusht at my boyfriends, and i was drinking Vanilla Coke all day
by Squatdog December 05, 2003

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