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Orangutan's are an orange ape, that is why their name starts with an "O" all orangutans are named "Clyde" there are no exceptions, its just how the world rolls.

Orangutans sometimes get confused for "Orange Gorrilas" but an Orangutan and an Orange Gorilla are two completely different species.

Orangutans are very friendly and have no problem being friends with anyone, anyone and everyone can have a orangutan as their friend as long as they dont try rename the orangutan, as said before Orangutans names must always be Clyde.
"Hey that Orangutan's name is Clyde"
by Orangutan Kiwi January 15, 2010
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A play on "orangutan", the species of ape: Any New Jersey Douchebag who sports a fake tan that gives them a distinct orange glow, giving them the appearance of a nuclear war survivor. They may also be a gel-head.
Man, that orangu-tan's glow is makin' my eyes hurt - did a nuke go off somewhere?
by Tommyt February 04, 2009
A person who walks with their hands curved at their sides, with their knuckles dragging.
wow look at that guy walk, his hands are curved like a freakin' orangutan.
by jedi mind trix April 07, 2007
(Orange-goo-tan) When someone has gone overboard with tanning to the point where they are the colour of an orangutan.
The cast of Jersey Shore look like a group of orangu-tans
by Blah Bleep January 19, 2012
a person with red hair, abbreviated to Wranga
"hahha, look at that orangutan kid"
by Squatdog December 05, 2003
A person who walks like a fool, hands curved and knuckles draggin.
Look at that orangutan, what a goofy bitch.
by jedimindtriks March 30, 2007
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