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Person with Red hair - Orangatan.
haha, Troy is such a Wranga.
by Squatdog November 28, 2003
a person with red hair and freckles (optional). seen as inferior than normal hair coloured people. should not be cross-bred with other hair colours.
Emmas a wranga!!!!!!! hahaha!!
by spider May 18, 2004
a word used to describe a pair of boobs that are saggy or pointy, widely spaced and genearally gross in apperance. Comes from the phrase "orang-utan boobs" Can be used to describe female boobs or fat male boobs. see bitch tits
ewww dude check out the wrangas on that one! "would you like a banana sweet heart?"
by taj May 19, 2004
First used as the word ranga but then changed as is spread throughout australia. Was a word created by a grade at a high school called Woonona in Australia back in 2001.

W/Ranga refers to a person with red hair who no body wishes to associate themselves with because they have red hair.
Omg Lexie your the Biggest RANGA Ive ever seen.
by Steve Pratt June 14, 2005
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