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Verb (American slang): to kill another human being.
After the protection money was not delivered, Capone ordered Frank Nitti to liquidate the malefactor.
by speedog June 21, 2010
A female whose physical activities during sexual relations are particularly energetic, or who evidences a propensity for female ejaculation.
"You should have told me Jill was a bed wrecker. Now I have to do an extra load of laundry".
by Speedog September 14, 2009
Verb (nautical terminology): to capsize, as in a boat, ship, or other sea-going vessel.
After a merciless bombardment by American dive bombers, the Japanese superbattleship "Yamato" turned turtle and sank, taking nearly her entire crew to the bottom.
by speedog July 27, 2010
Verb: to terminate a person from a position of employment; an action usually carried out by whatever person is in immediate authority.
Due to Karen's repeated tardiness over more than 60 days, her supervisor Beth had no alternative but to cashier her.
by speedog July 17, 2010
Noun (astrophysics term): the small, highly-dense stellar body remaining after the nova detonation of a "main sequence" star, typically Earth-sized in overall dimension, but displacing a gravitational mass equivalent to that of the Earth's Sun.
Astrophysicists now calculate that white dwarf stars may account for as much as 6% of all the known stars in our quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy.
by speedog July 13, 2010
Name: alter-ego of American cartoon character 'Quick Draw McGraw', a masked avenger styled in the manner of 'Zorro' (q.v.), wielding a guitar with which he would subdue evildoers with the exclamation "Ka-Bong!". Created in 1959 by Hanna-Barbera Productions.
The people living near the hacienda were repeatedly harassed by a gang of bandits, until the arrival of the mysterious El Kabong.
by speedog June 12, 2010
Noun (ancient Roman military term): a battle tactic in which a squad of soldiers close ranks into a tight square and link their shields over their heads and at their sides all around, creating a nearly impenetrable formation which can advance and engage enemy positions at close range without taking heavy casualties.
During the battle at the Moon Gate in Alexandria, Caesar ordered the deployment of the tortoise formation to neutralize the enemy ballistas.
by speedog July 27, 2010
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