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Smart,very pretty,short girl. She is shy but crazy if you really know her. Loves family. Great kisser. Good in bed. Has caring firends. Gullable at times, but can tell when some one is lying. Over all shes a nice pretty girl,Btw she loves to eat!.
That girl looks like a Kitana
by yhea,blah April 03, 2010
An amazing girl, not scared to smack a hoe when needed and doesn't take shit from anyone. Beautiful eyes, 100karat gold skin. Her dark aura is sexy and pulling and her dark eyes could suck you in a whole new world. Loves her man and loves video games. One of a kind, definately a keeper.
Man, did you see that girl across the room? Sexiest eyes man

Yeah, she must've been a kitana
by drinkingketchup July 17, 2013
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