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A sub-breed of the urban hippie species named for their Anglo-Saxon heritage and dreadlocked manes. Often seen traveling in small herds and can be spotted by the tell-tale markings of tie-dyed clothing and the overwhelming stench of patchouli. Approach with caution, unless carrying some form of either ganja or munchies.
"I would have loved the Phish concert if the venue wasn't full of WASPafarians."
by SnaggPDX November 16, 2004
A cute little euphemism for having a cigarette.
"Jack stepped outside for some lung candy."
by SnaggPDX November 29, 2004
A non-gender specific term referring to an American that adorns the back of their vehicle (typically an SUV) with more US flags and yellow war ribbons than you can shake a stick at. More of a trend than of a real show of support for US troops.
"Would you look at the flag hag driving that Escalade? He can barely see out the back window."
by SnaggPDX November 18, 2004
n. A bucket used under a beer tap to catch foam and pour-offs. Can get very nasty over time, and can be used on demanding jerks at the bar as a source of a "special pour".
"Don't be a wanker to the barkeep or your next drink may come out of the mung bucket."
by SnaggPDX December 10, 2004
A euphemism for throwing up on the floor, or just vomiting in general.
"Carl’s outside shouting at his shoes. I knew that last drink would put him over the edge."
by SnaggPDX December 17, 2004
n. A euphemism for having the shits, a.k.a. diarrhea.
"Ugh, my ass is sore from backdoor barfing all morning. I swear, if I have to wipe one more time my browneye will burst into flames."
by SnaggPDX November 15, 2005
A kitty litter box. V. stinky.
"Dammit, the cat shat outside the ass basket again!"
by SnaggPDX November 30, 2004
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