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The orange dust that coats your fingers and lips after eating Cheetos. This is why you shouldn't eat Cheetos in public unless you have a wet-nap handy.
"I know you've been eating my Cheetos again - You've got Cheet all over your clothes!"
by SnaggPDX December 08, 2004
An abbreviated form of molester moustache. Refers to the thinned-out hair clumpings grown by testosterone-challenged pedophiles and other shady sorts.
"Did you see the molesterstache on the guy driving that van? I bet he's hiding a clown suit in the back."
by SnaggPDX November 30, 2004
When someone wears more than one thick gold (or faux gold) chain necklace at a time. Usually accompanied by too much cologne and a "Hey Baby" attitude.
Man #1: "Hey, check out the schmuck with the Mr. T started kit."
Man #2: "I pity the fool that thinks that looks good!"
by SnaggPDX November 18, 2004
A bar drink consisting of equal parts vodka, Kahlua and either tonic water or club soda poured into a rocks glass in the order listed and served with a straw. The liquids stay semi-separated because of the differences in the specific gravity of each, and the drink is imbibed quickly through the straw so that the Kahlua chases the vodka and the soda chases the Kahlua. Extremely effective in curing what ails you, hence the name.
"We started out the night drinking Mind Erasers, and got munted very quickly."
by SnaggPDX December 10, 2004
A fictitious brand-name of pork scratchings (or pork rinds) named in the movie Shaun of the Dead. Goes well with a pint of beer; package is v. aerodynamic.
Ed: "Shaun! Hog Lumps!"
A packet of Hog Lumps hits Shaun in the face.
by SnaggPDX November 16, 2004
A British sitcom. Some excellent examples of britcoms are Red Dwarf, Fawlty Towers, Black Adder, AbFab, and (my personal favorite) Spaced.
"Did you hear that the britcom 'The Office' is coming out on DVD soon?"
by SnaggPDX November 28, 2004
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