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The discoloration, and possible presence of other unidentifiable putrid substances, left behind in a woman's underwear caused by poor pussy maintenance.
"I was going to go down on her, but when I took off her panties they were covered in kitty litter."
by XxxKevinxxX August 15, 2007
The deposit a man leaves in or on a trick after unprotected sex.
Yo, you see those kitty litter stains on that ho's skirt.

That ho don't mind kitty litter, just not in her litter box.
by KenWonne November 11, 2013
Things women leave behind at another person's house ; whether intentionally or unintentionally. The leaving of any object may notify other women of her visitation or provide her with a reason to return. Examples of kitty litter: earrings, bobby pins, shoes, panties etc.

The male version of this is called Dog Shit
I found so much of her kitty litter around my house, she left her earrings, debit card and phone charger.
by Jazzy little bear June 13, 2016
Much like a sausage fest, except with women. Its where there are a bunch of girls in one place, such as a party.
Dude 1: hey you go to the party last night?
Dude 2: No u?
Dude 1: Yea it was a huge kitty litter, should have been there.
by ANPE August 22, 2010
When a guy eats a girls pussy out and she screams and queffs in his mouth.
The kitty litter gave the guy bad breath.
by George C October 27, 2004
When a female's vaginal area is extremely arid, and so much, that the sex partner of the woman has to urinate inside of the vagina
John's mom and sister had really bad kitty litters so i had to take a piss in their vagina, but it was totally worth it.
by nickstaandcody October 31, 2009
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