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when an anal recipient doesn't clean their ass out properly and shit flys everywhere during the pounding.
Hoon just told me he "had a dirty ride" with another famous DJ
by Slammer July 05, 2004
The biggest legend on the Simpsons. Likes to supplement all phrases with "umma-hey"
"I call it Gamblor"
"The, uh, real humans wouldn't burn, ah, quite so fast. Umma-hey."
"The secret ingredient is LOVE! Stupid machine!"
by Slammer September 01, 2003
Social 'issues' that a 'battler' labours under...
BOD has more issues than the N.Y. Times
by Slammer September 01, 2003
An exclamation conveying disgust. Probably derived from 'goo' and/or 'gooey'.
You've got a squished rotten banana on your hands. Gukkums!
by slammer June 15, 2004
1. To go crazy when dissappointed or pissed off. Derived from Wayne Rooney- the english soccer player renowned for losing his shit on the football pitch.
"hey- your brother borrowed your jacket"
"fuck -i'll go rooney on him when i see him next!"
'if the bus doesn't come soon i'm gonna go rooney!'
by slammer April 02, 2006
When you have anal sex with a person that hasn't wiped thier ass properly
Gee it wasn't much fun having a dirty ride with DJ Flash Gordon!
by Slammer July 05, 2004
A drink- short for beverage.
At mcdonalds...
me : "Just a small bevva please"
maccas chump : "what the fuck?"
by Slammer September 04, 2003
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