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cash money, synonymous with scrilla
im piled high in the chedda.
by Yebeka December 19, 1999
Cold hard cash, we aint talking about no fifty dollars, chedda is mad money, huge amounts.
Like that nigga P. Diddy got mad chedda with a bently and all, and jerome down on fifth aint got no chedda, cuz he rollin inna a 85 olds' trying to act like he pimpin.
by Anonymous May 18, 2003
cash money, most commonly used to purchase drugs, prostitutes, or gold spoked rims.
You hoes better make me some chedda tonight!!
by THEBONE February 22, 2006
1) The correct pronunciation of Cheddar.

2) Fucking CASH bitches.

3) Dope ass shit.

4) The money your hoe gives you (or should give you, if you have a weak pimp hand); a pimp's cut.
1) I love chedda on my sandwiches, bitch.

2) I make the chedda rain e'eryplace I go, bitch.

3) This some chedda we got right here, bitch.

4) If I don't give Popeye the chedda, he'll slap the shit out of me.
by Legitnessisme November 20, 2011
Chedda comes from the word cheddar which comes from the phrase cheddar cheese. The word "cheesing" or "cheezin" is used when a person who is intoxicated has the giggles and is laughing. So then you take the word cheddar and change it to chedda which means something is funny.
"That was so chedda!"
"That comedian we saw last night was so chedda."
"Honestly, last night was the most chedda."
by Cheesing Queen November 09, 2014
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