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1. badass
2. don't mess with them
your last name's lawless?
ohh you must be a BA
by yuhmamma November 24, 2007
A person who acts with no regard to the law

Someone who thinks that the law does not apply to them.
The General Counsel thinks sending out spam with forged email headers is OK. He sure is lawless.
by WebGuy August 07, 2007
An Awesome band from southern Maryland, USA. Search them on facebook at ""

Band:Jake Downs,Dustin Downs, Michael Laulis,Alex Mattingly
That Band "Law-Less"
by AAJQB July 21, 2011
(adj) Shitty circumstance. An unfortunate situation. Also, the result of a poor life choice.
It's going to rain tomorrow, although my cousin's wedding is outside. That is simply lawless.
by FloTheSnucka May 27, 2010
Noun - A man with no regard for the law; lacking the slightest regard for the CPLR and its mandates. To whom the defendant has been deemed guilty before argument has commenced. A man drunk on his own power and whose conduct proceeds from an inherent ill-will towards advocacy; a man with whom justice is not blind. An individual not fit for the bench.
This guy Lawless might have me arrested and thrown in jail for contempt if I actually try to argue that. He's palpably absurd!
by Marty McGlush October 12, 2007
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