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A person who discrimiates based on age..usually an old dude or a dumb blonde
C: "Yo, check out I pierced my ear"
A: "Eww, you are old and that looks gay"
C: "Dude, you are such an ageist"
by R March 22, 2005
Someone who discriminates and stereotypes aganist a person based on their age. In short, a wanker.
1: Children are unable to understand politics, they just repeat whatever they hear or are told.

2:(snorts) Ageist.
by QueenJaneApproximately March 05, 2010
When you are prohibited from something for not being a certain age.This is commonly found with dangerous actions, but can also be seen with stupid things for no reason.
I am obsessed with Scholastics, which is a school activity that resembles Jeopardy. Was on the panel ready to compete, the Judges kicked me off of the panel for not being a senior. Isn't that so ageist?
by Underappriciated November 22, 2011
one who can buy a pack of cigarettes
"There's not one thing you can do that I can't."
"Oh yeah? Buy a pack of cigarettes."
by Dormant Phoenix June 13, 2014
When you get judged by the age you are. Mostly young or old people.
" Do you want to hang out with Sam?"
"No he's 12."
"Why not?"
"He's going to ruin it for us!"
"Don't be ageist."
by Black Brightness June 30, 2016
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