Top Definition
the act of getting annihilated
we drank and smoked for 12 hours, shit son i was straight wiggled
by billyp01 September 05, 2009
Being Wiggle'd is a severe state of inebriation, often to do with spouting nonsescial phrases and often become aroused and in desperate want of satisfaction.

Completely and utterly pissed, often used to refer to light-weights.
Usually accompanied by maniac laughing, and a severe case of the hornies. The morning after is filled with missing memories, mysterious stains and deep, deep regret.
Jim: Chloe's completely wiggle'd again.
Mike: But she's only had a sip of my beer!
Chloe: Hiiiiiiiiiiiii guuuuuuuuuuys! *hahahahaha!* Wanna make out? I'm soooo horny!
by Monsiuer Bobicus III, Esq. January 21, 2011
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