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A person who obessessed with and seeks out personal interaction with celebrities. The desired interaction is often, but not necessarily, sexual in nature.
Examples include Courtney Love, Star Jones, and pretty much every person on the E! television network.
by A.M. April 17, 2005
someone who thinks some brief nearly non-existent connection with some great legend practically makes them a great legend too.
ok thrill me already - so you slept in David Bowie's hotel bed like three years after he checked out - woohoo - what a starfucker.
by angela June 06, 2003
Woman or man who prides themselves on sleeping with someone of fame. In turn they believe that they too have the same self importance.
Olga Fonda is a starfucker and a woman linked to Guy Ritchie, Ben Stiller, Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn and many more. By sleeping with them she believes she too is a star.
by tylerdirtyden January 13, 2011
an alternative band from Portland, Oregon. Briefly changed their name to "Pyramiddd", but they're back to Starfucker/STRFKR now.
Starfucker is awesome
by n0o0o0o0o0o0o0 June 27, 2010
A person or persons who uses popularity and celebrity acquaintance's to get further in business or social situations, sometimes without even having sex.
Amy really knows alot of celebrities and gets to go to cool events. Shes a real star fucker.
by Johnson Veyhew January 05, 2005
People who fly into space in magic bubbles and land on random planets. When they get to the planets they begin to have intimate relationships with the stars. Cussing at them, falling in love with them, having sex with them, spilling out the most intimate details of their heart to them. Soon all the stars know the secrets that most people save for their diaries and therapists. And these people, they are Starfuckers.

Oh, and the greatest band ever.
I think the definition of Starfucker pretty much is the example.
by jinxglitter August 12, 2009
1. The Main Idea of 'Starfuckers, Inc.', by Trent Reznor, or Nine Inch Nails.
2. Part of the song 'Professional Widow', By Tori Amos, most likely about Courtney Love.
3. Courtney Love
4. A groupie
1. "Starfuckers, now I belong...... I'm one of the chosen ones." - Trent Reznor, 'Starfuckers, Inc.'
2. "Starfucker just like my Daddy - yes, Starfucker just like my Daddy - yes." -Tori Amos, 'Professional Widow'
3. Courtney Love=Whore
4. I hate Groupies. Especially Nine Inch Nails' Groupies.
by funkfunk July 21, 2006
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