A nickname given to girls named: Haley, Hailee, Hayley, Haylee, Hailey, Hayliegh, etc. Usually used by her bestfriends or her boyfriend. A very cute name that she wishes everyone would call her.
Oh hales, I love you. :
by Jordynn_hannah October 18, 2009
Hawaiian word for 'house' or 'home'. Pronounced HA-LAY.
Ho, I like go your hale afta sku, braddah?
by Braddah Kine June 08, 2009
is a insanely intelligent guy but nit necessarily that book smart. He can think of crazy ways to explain other Dimensions
is under 5 seconds (and good ones to). He loves to think about crazy shit and doesn't care if he has lots of money in the future. All he cares about is having fun and learning as much as he can about the world. He is also a huge huge huge Beatles and John Lennon solo fan.
Hale likes to stare at the night sky in Mexico at about 12 at night and listen to Beatles music.
by Hale Rothery January 30, 2008
someone Extremely good looking, can get any girl/guy they wanted as a friend, girlfriend/boyfriend etc., intelligent, particularly very fit or good at sports and can charm anyone with their personality. someone who is also very strong physically and emotionally as well as being really funny when wanting to be.
" Look at that kid over there, I hear he's a real hale."
"I've got a friend who is very lucky as she is a hale."
by dr. right October 27, 2013
A verb commonly used to refer to vomiting or "throwing up". A term widely used in the suburban cities surrounding the Metro Detroit area, origins are unknown, but no doubt hilarious and well humored.
"Dude, I was at a Kettering kegger last night, had a little to much "panty dropper", and hales-ed all over some poor mofos "free kwame" shirt!"

"I missed that Snab test because I was home hales-ing my brains out!!"
by Snabsnaughtyboy1968 October 20, 2013
A small one light town where more than half of the town is on welfare and smoking weed, while everyone else is working hard to pay for their welfare. every weekend there are parties in numerous locations (just look at facebook it works for the cops) where you will find the same group of people that graduated/dropped out from high school years ago. If you do no drink a lot in the town of Hale than you are probably just an old person calling the cops on someone who is.
Person 1: "want to go to a party tonight?"
Person2: "yeah! but where?"
Person 1: "Hale, i hear they are a bunch of alcoholics"
by farmerkid44 March 14, 2016
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