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323 definitions by Sean

A celebration of extreme importance and maximum enjoyment and such
so, i heard you last night from downstairs, sounds like you were having quite a jubilee.
by Sean February 28, 2005
88 hf... hondas earlier shot at a hybrid type... wieght of only 1800lbs. 1800lbs - 200lbs weight reduction...then adding a nimble b16 and supercharger, in a 1/4 mile time you run a 11.784 according to a 1/4mile calculating program.... so think twice about how fast those cars really are. by the way it takes only 6-7,000 grand to do that... compared to some v-8s and what not
maybe you should of told that guy with the 2003 viper your stock looking crx was runnin a 10.8 1/4 mile before you ran off with his pink slip.
by sean July 23, 2003
The opposite of a wigger. An black man of African heritage acting like the stereotypical definition of what is considered a white personality.
Wayne Brady is a goddamn blonkey.
by Sean March 04, 2005
An old-fashioned term referring to a teenage hangout that holds on-goings such as blowjobs, dick-squeezing, The Dirty Sanchez, spitting, rim jobs, and the wild monkey dance.
"Mom, me and Peggy-Jean are gonna be at Lover's Lane!"
"Lover's Lane! Oh, I remember when your father put his face in between my legs and . . ."
"But Mother, I - I thought Lover's Lane was where you got your first kiss."
"No, your father just fucked me, that's all."
by Sean August 13, 2004
1. A comic made by Marvel, which centers on a blind vigilante.
2.Someone who does a near impossible stunt.
3. A comic based movie, which everyone thinks is a crummy movie just because of casting problems, but they are usually wrong about this.
1. (tagline): Here comes Daredevil, the "Man Without Fear"
2.(guy) Did you see that daredevil jump the canyon?
3.(message bourd poster)OMG! Daredevil sucks! I can't belive they cast Affeck and made Kingpin black!!!
(me) *blasts with a shotgun*
by sean April 02, 2005
sexy in a beutiful way
Aja, u are much more sextravagent than that grandma.
by Sean September 24, 2003
yo mama is a syka. I pimp dat hoe.
by Sean June 15, 2003