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the past tense of the acronym CHOWN, meaning to change ownership in the world of computer files and geeks
After disconnecting and logging, a description file is written, both files will be chown'ed to the right user and the recorded message will be mailed to him/her.
by Sean August 10, 2004
The flakes of faeces that crumble off whilst picking the dried bits around your Corn Hole. Normally from not wiping after going to the toilet.
Hey James, I couldnt be bothered to wipe last night, now i have Brown Flakes.
by Sean April 13, 2005
When you have an orgasim and you cum and it shoots all over the place.
When she took my dick out of her mouth and started jacking it off i blew my load all over her face and past it.
by Sean February 23, 2005
Hole between two cheeks located near the buttocks area.

See arsehole.
Jimmy jammed his peepert up Wally's poopert!
by Sean January 31, 2004
You must not like him much if you cant even spell his name correctly
SPARXXX is the correct way
by Sean January 26, 2004
The Brazillian word for pussy.
I like to eat poseta.
by Sean November 10, 2003
A wannabe gangsta
Look at that iced out wanksta
by Sean May 01, 2003
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