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Hole between two cheeks located near the buttocks area.

See arsehole.
Jimmy jammed his peepert up Wally's poopert!
by Sean January 31, 2004
A wannabe gangsta
Look at that iced out wanksta
by Sean May 01, 2003
When you fart and a little bit of shit comes out much like. Used in the movie along came polly.
We got to go I just sharted.
by Sean February 23, 2005
It's a slang Cork pronoun. Cork is a place in Ireland where they all talk incomprehensibly, and anyone from the rest of the country just nods, smiles and backs away.
"A'right boyo, didja see the langer o'er there like?"


Hello there you, did you see that nasty person over there?
by Sean December 09, 2004
From the Italian slang for "negro"

Area that is mostly inhabited by black folk.
Dont go into Compton afterdark, it is moulie-ville.
by Sean October 15, 2004
tits that no one should ever touch because they are just plain nasty
i was about to have sex with this fine ass girl...she took off her shirt and she had the spaggiest tits ever
by Sean July 22, 2004
box cutter
ghetto kid: hey pops, hand me that ghetto switchblade.
Pops: what the box cutter?
by sean July 02, 2004

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